1793 Flowing Hair Cent Wreath Reverse


  • After the criticism leveled at the initial design, the Flowing Hair Cent was redesigned with new details on the obverse and a completely different reverse. These are known as the 1793 Flowing Hair Cent with Wreath Reverse.
  • The design, which is also credited to Henry Voigt, features a rendition of Liberty with better executed details for her hair and the addition of a group of leaves between the truncation of the neck and the date. The reverse features a wreath, tied with a ribbon at the base and open at the top. The wreath consists of leaves from the cotton plant and laurel bush with sprays of berries.
  • The total mintage for the 1793 Wreath Cent was 63,353, or almost double the production of the 1793 Chain Cent. The wreath reverse is more available, although it can often be difficult to find pieces with nice surfaces and pleasing color. There are some mint state examples available, including some remarkably well preserved specimens.
  • A famous variety for the issue is the “Strawberry leaf” reverse. Extremely rare, the circumstances of the creation of the coin are vague and not really understood. Only four examples are known, all in well-worn condition, making this one of the rarest varieties of all large cents. It is quickly identified by the leaves on the obverse, above the date, which are distinctively different from the leaves found on the other obverse dies of this type. Identified as “strawberry leaves” (somewhat disputed but generally accepted by the numismatic community), the reason for their existence are not known, and perhaps indicate some private creativity from the engraver. No doubt, the obverse die was quickly retired, creating a now ultra-rare variety and one of the keys to a variety set of early large cents.

taken from: http://flowinghaircent.com/