Designing the 2009 Lincoln Cents

September 28, 2007
Designs for three of four themes proposed for the reverse of 2009 Lincoln cents to honor Abraham Lincoln's life were endorsed by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee when it met Sept. 25.

CCAC recommended designs to honor his humble beginnings, formative years in Indiana and professional life in Illinois. It did not endorse a design depicting Lincoln's presidency.

The four coins to be issued in 2009 celebrate a different aspect of Lincoln's life and mark the bicentennial of his birth. The CCAC hopes the U.S. Mint designers will go back to the drawing board and present more designs to mark his presidency.

For a comprehensive look at the different designs set before the CCAC, see below.

First four images - Lincoln's humble beginnings in Kentucky - 1-01 through 1-05


Next 10 images - Lincoln's formative years in Indiana - 2-01 through 2-10

Next 16 images - Lincoln's professional life in Illinois - 3-01 through 3-16

Last seven images - Lincoln's Presidency in Washington, D.C. - 4-01 through 4-07